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I recognised this art style from way back in the days of Headphones on Your Heart, and Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire! Good to see you back!!

Pretty freaking funny

It's been a long time since I've reviewed

I really enjoyed this, the animation was smooth, the tweening on the Eggmech was great (been practicing with him for my next animation, a lot of layers haha) You did a really sweet job.
I love how you mixed the Sonic CD sprites with Sonic 2 BETA sprites, felt clean and right (I'm more of a Sonic 3&K era sprite person myself haha)

I'm now going to check your profile for any other animations! Faved, 5'd, and reviewed! Keep it up! Maybe we could collab one day?

SXR123 responds:

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! and I'm glad you're going to check my profile for more of my animations.

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Shows a good starting point and Potential

I thought it was only fair to check this animation out after you left me that comment lol.

You have a good starting point, seems to be more popular than my first animation aswell :P
The coding is well done, but one suggestion I would make, is code it so people cannot Right Click > Play, other wise they can skip to the end (as you will see in my new game soon lol)

The animation is at times, a little chucky, try keeping your sprties steady, this means extra work, but it will also give you a better score and reaction.
Keep up the good work, and maybe one day we could work on a collab? :P

ManlyMan97 responds:

Thanks! I really look up to you as a sprite animator. The funny edits plus the hilarious voice clips make your sprite flashes great! Thanks for the tips too, maybe you could PM me that code? Collabs are good ideas too. :D

Great Fun

Been following Wallace & Gromit almost all my life, aswell as many other Aardman animations, I think I had a minor heart attack to see Aardman on Newgrounds!
Will this be a new department I wonder? Could of done with this last year when I had to write an essay on Aardman's releases :P

Anyway, onto the real review, the game was well coded, good music and sounds, and very enjoyable. I hope to see more from Aardman on NG in the future :)

I loved this

but one thing pissed me off, even if you had a perfect hit zone, the bad guys would not get hurt, this started to happen on the night vision snipe and after

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Good line work in most places, cute overall

It's a pretty cute pic, I like it

vidiogamefreak responds:

thanks ^_^

I make my movies as tributes, I don't own the copyrights, I don't profit from them. I just enjoy trying to bring honor to my fave games.

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