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I make my movies as tributes, I don't own the copyrights, I don't profit from them. I just enjoy trying to bring honor to my fave games.

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RicStrife's News

Posted by RicStrife - October 6th, 2016

Well, where to start, I guess mostly, I should restate that I won't be doing much on Newgrounds except news posts, and try to urge all my followers here to join me over on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.

But mostly, I want to give you an idea of what I plan to do with the next year in Animation, bear in mind, these are estimated release windows, something I seem to be terrible at meeting:

  • Fall/Winter 2016 - Multiple Mortal Kombat Mini Kock-ups
  • October 2016 - MKKU4 Trailer
  • November 2016 - Special Secret Animated Short
  • December 2016 - Mortal Kombat Kock-ups 4
  • Janurary 2017 - More Mini Kock-ups
  • Feb-April 2017 - Mortal Kombat Kock-ups 5, the Finale
  • Spring 2017 - Mini Kock-ups
  • Summer 2017 - Metal Triad Episode 2/Reboot
  • Rest of 2017 - Sonic Skits/15th Series and New Projects

Now why did I call Metal Triad Episode 2 a Reboot? Well, I started the series so long ago, that I want to completely rewrite the existing scripts, change the title, and basically fully upgrade the series, but I won't be remaking episode 1, so I'll be rebooting it in a new episode.

But like I already said, these dates are just estimates, I'll try my best to stick to them, and maybe even post a couple on Newgrounds, but unless Youtube completely ruins itself, that's my home for now.


~Ric Pendragon

Posted by RicStrife - July 2nd, 2016


Just to once again tell any followers I have, my focus is now on Youtube.

But I'll still share links to my new videos for a while.

Posted by RicStrife - September 25th, 2015

Here it is! Might bring it to Newgrounds in the future, but for now, it's Youtube exclusive.

Posted by RicStrife - September 17th, 2015

Okay, so after much messaging and crossed fingers... it's official, Mortal Kombat Kock-Ups 2, is delayed...
I'm really sorry guys, I tried my best, but I won't be able to get the voice actor I need until next week at the earliest :(
Some times the best laid plans can still fail at the finish line.
I'll keep you guys informed as I learn more.

Posted by RicStrife - July 23rd, 2015


Posted by RicStrife - April 28th, 2015

On May 26, 2005, My first animation passed judgement on Newgrounds, 10 years is a long time, it's sorta surprising. So I thought I should do something special.

I thought about making a new series, or a special anniversary animation, but I decided I would continue an unfinished series (even if just for 1 more episode). I considered Robot Wars, but damn, that concept doesn't appeal to me any more, the title, the story, the crossovers, If I were to do anything with it, it would be a reboot based entirely in the Megaman Universe with a new title and story, but similar concept.


So then I thought about Metal Triad, sure I don't like the title much, but I did write the script for all 6 episodes, and planned the fight scenes out...so why not? So I went back and cleaned up my scripts I wrote almost 8 years ago, made them more fitting and thought out...and gave the script to my voice actors...So, it's finally happening, after 8 years of messages, requests and aggression...Metal Triad Ep.2 is coming! Hopefully on May 26th 2015, to commemorate my 10 years here. It'll be a Newgrounds exclusive animation for a week or more, so see it here first when it's finished. Sorry for the long wait for a 2nd Part.

Posted by RicStrife - March 31st, 2015

Posted by RicStrife - March 28th, 2015

The title says it all really.
Are there any ladies out there who would be interested in doing voice acting for my animations.

Before now I relied on help from friends, but now that's causing delays and headaches. While I do have a Full Time Male voice actor who is brilliant, I lack the feminine touch, and need that touch to finish my current animation (which is 99% finished, only missing female voice work).

So if there are any aspiring female voice actors out there, send a message to my Facebook page (since I don't log into Newgrounds much anymore). https://www.facebook.com/ricpendragon

Posted by RicStrife - November 23rd, 2014


Head on over and check out my newest animation.

Posted by RicStrife - August 30th, 2014

So I'm gunna be slow making newer animations until I'm 100% healed up, but I did release a bonus skit this week, so check it out? Also head to alsa.org to learn more about ALS and how you can help.