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I recognised this art style from way back in the days of Headphones on Your Heart, and Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire! Good to see you back!!

Pretty freaking funny

It's been a long time since I've reviewed

I really enjoyed this, the animation was smooth, the tweening on the Eggmech was great (been practicing with him for my next animation, a lot of layers haha) You did a really sweet job.
I love how you mixed the Sonic CD sprites with Sonic 2 BETA sprites, felt clean and right (I'm more of a Sonic 3&K era sprite person myself haha)

I'm now going to check your profile for any other animations! Faved, 5'd, and reviewed! Keep it up! Maybe we could collab one day?

SXR123 responds:

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! and I'm glad you're going to check my profile for more of my animations.

Left my review last year, time to do it again

Very well made, still enjoyable, and a brilliant sequal to Dawn.
I was worried Day of the Madness would never be made, but I'm glad it was.
I noticed a Resident Evil Apocolypse inspired character design there, LJ, with his custom dual gold plated pistols.
Also, I was wondering if the Army Survivor's design was based on Capt. Rhodes from Original Day of the Dead?
I'm just curious now if we'll be seeing a Night of the Madness? Or Land of the Madness?

Fun :D

I watched this like 10 times :O the lyrics are addictive, and the animation is perfectly fitting :D
Perfect, 5/5, 10/10

The Legend Of King Arthur's Bastard Son...

As an addict of the Arthurian Legend, watching this I actually knew the story as it unfolded.
It was good to see a story about Mordred for once :)
Ironically, I'm doing a university animation at the moment based on the the same subject lol.

This was well animated, very fitting with the music, and in my oppinion, would work great as the offical music video for this song. Great work, 5/5, 10/10

Good Work

Was good fun to watch, just wish it were longer

Good clean halloween fun

was enjoyable, felt like it could be longer tho hahaha

Felt weird hearing my music on the easter egg hahhahaha
I made that music for fun during lesson, and never thought It'd actually be used hahaha
Thanks for Using it twice Shi-Gu :)

Shi-Gu responds:

Wow, so you are the creator of the song?!
I'm really glad you made it, it is a weird song but I like to listen to it sometimes in my iTunes and it was perfect for this flash XD
Aslo I'm glad too that you liked it :)


I can honestly not remember the last time I left a review.
I enjoy madness, but not for the same reason I enjoyed this movie. Madness is random fun killing, this is a fun zombie movie with great references to the masters of the genre, I instantly knew the start was from Day of the Dead (I'm a Romero addict) and once I saw that, I sat back, relaxed, and loved the movie.

I found myself saying "he's been bitten, shoot him" when the Funky Haired Guy was grasping his wound while coughing blood.
I expected the propane tank to be used as a primitive explosive on the zombie horde.
And I knew there would not be a safe island (for the classic reason, everyone flees to this "safe area, one who has hidden a bite gets on the island, turns, and spreads the zombie disease once again)

The music was PERFECT at all times, the Shaun of the Dead cameo was flawless (I know thats what I'd do in a Zombie Apoclypse) and the animation was simple, smooth yet more than effective.

I have been planning to write a Zombie based animation for some time now, and thanks to you, I've been reinspired.
I am amazed to see such a developed, strong, well powered and overall kick ass Madness animation. It beats 28 Days/Weeks Later hands down.

I hope we don't have to wait a year til the next Madness day for the sequal, but I know it'll take you a few months to make, let alone write, so no rush, take your time, and make it as perfect as this one.

This IS the greatest Madness flash out there, and I am dying for the sequal, keep it up, Little Lucky Link (LLL if I may call you that)...

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Thanks, that was a nice review there.
Glad you enjoyed.

Truely, this is MADNESS!!!

One of the greatest Madness movie's I have ever seen, very 'epic' if yo know what I mean, Can't wait for your next release :P
5/5/ - 10/10

DuDuL responds:

buhahahahah thx

I make my movies as tributes, I don't own the copyrights, I don't profit from them. I just enjoy trying to bring honor to my fave games.

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