Not Dead Yet (Just Pining for the Fjords)

2014-01-15 12:04:20 by RicStrife



So, been a while since I've put up a post and even longer since I last released anything, well news time I guess.

I've had a lot go wrong in 2013 and I spiralled into a deep grief driven depression, I started feeling better a few months ago, but still had issues, I have faced these issues now and feel...mostly better. But that's not what's important, what is, is that I have a new project, it's not a Newgrounds thing....not really, it's a game, a game of decent size and length (I'm predicating a 3-6 month production resulting in a game of 4-8 hours gameplay).

It's a big undertaking, especially for a freeware non-profit game, but I want to see this through to the end. Now you may be asking yourself "Ric, why are you posting this here if it has nothing to do with Newgrounds?" or the more likely question "Who the hell is this guy and why am I reading this shit?".

Well, to anyone who asked the latter of those two questions,

fuck you, thats why!

And the people who actually care, I'll tell you why...While I have a good team, it's very a very small click, I wanna keep this project as secret as possible for as long as possible, but I need more people, namely I need sprite artists, pixel artists, musicians and such who are willing to work for free and nothing more than a name in the credits.

So...Who's interested?


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2014-01-16 09:34:52

Need a voice actor?

RicStrife responds:

Not sure just yet, still in early stages, inbox me and we an talk about it.


2014-01-17 12:58:01

I'd be interested, if I had any talent. I suck at just about everything.

RicStrife responds:

I know that feeling, I suck and so far I'm doing most of the stuff I don't know how to do hahahah I know now I suppose?


2014-01-17 21:46:07

I'm not very good with animation or programming, but I am good with art. Do you need a spriter perhaps?

RicStrife responds:

I will need sprite artists and pixel artists, send me a message to my inbox, we'll talk details.


2014-02-05 17:15:49

Ohh, a game, huh? What language are you using, may I ask? :3

RicStrife responds:

Will be entirely English text, no voice acting as of yet.


2014-02-21 15:16:51

Oh sorry, you got it wrong! I was referring to the programming language you were using to implement the game lol

RicStrife responds:

Using RPG Maker VX Ace