I've Been DUMPED!!!!! Wooooo ¬_¬

2009-09-10 20:46:06 by RicStrife

yippeee.... who cares, I got more money this way, and I'll still animate.


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2009-09-12 10:30:49

WTF?! I'm gone for 1 day and this happens?! O__O'

What happened?!

RicStrife responds:

Long story, not worth the effort


2009-09-12 17:29:40

I'm sorry, bro. I feel so sorry for you V__V.

Can you at least PM me and tell you WHY you broke up?

RicStrife responds:

Nah, its not important, I don't really seem to care lol

Anyway people!
1 week left!
This time next week will be last time you'll hear from me, then Im gone for about 5 days, so when I make my next news post, I'm hoping to return to at least 5 new people commenting on my posts, and a review for ALL my animations from you two die hard fans ;-) lol